Friday, May 14, 2010

Long Time Out

Hi there, I have been out and about and in and working hard. Therefore I have not been here to post. We had a lovely visit with my cousin from Louisiana and her new husband and her son. Along with this we had a visit from my Aunt and her hubby and daughter and granddaughter from the Dallas area. They came Mother's Day weekend and stayed another couple of days. We did more shopping over those few days than I have done in the last year. My mom did get me some new clothes for a late birthday gift so I guess it was worth it. I also made application for a job while I was shopping at one of the stores. I have not heard from them, but in the process i have updated my resume and it is ready if any other jobs come up. I would rather make my craft my business, but I don't think my husband will let it stand at that.
I also spent a couple of days in the sewing room and got the samples for my sewing camps this summer made. The day I was going to take them in to the store for display the boss called an told me one of the patterns had been discontinued. Therefore I will have to make a new sample, with a different pattern. That will have to wait because I am working on the sheets and mattress pad and blankets for the cradle. That will go out tomorrow and then it will be back to the hand quilting job I am working on.
I went to a conference last night and signed up for a three day one in June. It was a great one, and I look forward to the longer one. I had to give up a part of date night to go and it was worth it.  I met my hubby at the local Applebee's which is were we always go for our weekly date night. We have become good friends with many of the wait staff as well as the management. The cradle in the earlier post is actually for one of the bartenders we have known for many years now. I made pillowcases for the current one and his girlfriend. They are big Cowboys fans so this is what I did for them.
Made them king size,I didn't have a pattern so just got one of mine off the bed and used it for measurements.
Off for the day, Hope you are all working hard on your favorite quilting or crafting project.
Happy quilty week,


Micki said...

I love that quilt...I was basketball fan, but still love it.

Tennye said...

Thanks Miki, you always make me feel great about my work.