Saturday, May 22, 2010

UFO's completed

How are you all doing? I have been busy and I have much to do this week. My hubby is off to see his Dad and take care of some stuff at his sisters house, so I am home alone this evening. My girls who still live at home have gone off to see their little sister and her hubby, so they could go swimming.
I went to a baby shower this afternoon, it was the second one in so many weeks. I could have been invited to a couple of others this month. One was today, but other than Facebook I have lost touch with them. I think it will be a busy summer in the hospitals for baby births.
I got an email from my oldest daughter this week,they will be stopping in to see us while they are moving across country this summer. So I won't be mailing the quilts to my granddaughters after all. They have been in process for at least three years. It is feeling good to start seeing some of my older UFO's getting completed. So here are some pictures of the two newest ones.

Well, now that I have them posted I see that the pictures didn't turn out so good, I guess I will need to get some better pic's before they come and take them away.
Have a quilty week.

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marilynd said...

Great work Tennye. Would love to see closeup of some of the blocks - if you are able.