Sunday, September 16, 2012

Austin Quilt Show

  Well, I had a wonderful weekend, my daughters took me to the Austin Quilt Guild show on Sat. and I truly had a great time. I got a couple pieces of fabric. One is the fabric called Quilt Across Texas. If you have not seen it this is a panel of the state of Texas in red white and blue with each county outlined. I love it and I have a plan for how it will be used. The daughter who purchased it for me is hoping for a quilt with this fabric as the center, and I will be doing that for her. She also bought me a lovely piece of blue batik that I will be using for water in a couple of quilts that I am working on in my head already.
  Back to the quilt show, wow there are some very lovely quilts and I saw a couple made by blog writers that I follow, that made them even more special to me. I am not a member of the guild, and probably won't be joining, but they do have some very talented quilters.   Actually the lady who taught me the most when I first decided, just wanting to learn to quilt, was not enough is a member. She really tried to get me to join back then, but I had three little ones and baby sat two others. I just didn't feel like I had the time for any more than I already had in my life. I might have learned faster and with less mistakes if I had joined, but I have enjoyed those learning times all the more since they have come over time.
  Saturday was also the last day that one of the local quilt shops will be open. I find that a very sad thing, even if I understand the reasons. I have been thinking about it a lot since I heard they were closing and I am planning to invite as many ladies as I know for a quilt and visit soon. I am hoping that if we have enough interest we can start a club of some sort with block of the month kits, or something like that. I would be happy with just a time of quilting together once or twice a month, but I think others might like the challenge of a plan. If any of you have had experience working with the fabric distributors in this fashion and have any advice, please share. I have done this before only not with kits available. I made a plan and gave directions and each of us used our own fabrics. It worked very well for a good long time, then I had to go back to work. Sadly it all fell apart after that, and we tried again a couple of times to reboot the group, but just lacked the enthusiasm needed. I have that now, if I can just get others interested.
  The quilt show had some amazing quilts, and I forgot to take my camera. I have asked my daughter to send me her photos from her phone. When I get them I will add a few of the pictures to this post. I will go ahead and post it for now and add them later, so if you are reading and there are not pictures, please come back in a day or two and check them out. Until then  yall have a very quilty week and I will be back soon.


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