Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Do You Pineterest?

 I do, Pinterest and I have a love hate relationship with it. I love the fact that I get to have a quilt show any time of day or night that I might want to go look. I hate the time it takes away from my day and my sewing. I love that I can go there and find a tutorial in one of my pages, because I found it one someone else, and pinned it. I love that I have seen quilts that inspire me and encourage me to be a better quilter, and to learn more. I love that people I have never met and may never meet are pinning pictures or tutorials that I will love and want to go back to and read. I hate that sometimes the pin has been deleted when I go to look at it, because someone either abused it or made the poster feel like they have been taken advantage of.
  If you would like to follow me on Pinterest I am Tennye and I enjoy crafts and sewing and bags and mug rugs, so those are the things I pin most often. I have other things, I pin and sometimes they are for my grandchildren and daughters. I would pin things for my son as well, but he would never see them, so I only pin for him if I want to make it or tell him about it.
  Can I just take a minute to stand on my soap box, I won't take long I promise, but if you have a blog why do you think it is important to have the security setting on your comments? I love some of the blogs I follow and I would love to comment, but then I run up against that stupid security word. If you can call it a word at all, the type is so distorted trying to rewrite it is impossible. So frustrating, when you would really like to say something nice about a quilt or a post. Okay I am done, sorry. 
  Okay that is all I have to say about it, so until next time yall have a very quilty week.

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Mommarock said...

You have the security word thingy on your comment section too. I hate hate hate it!!! I can't see well enough to read it well, and it often takes several tries to get it right.