Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Birthday Gift

  Well, next week my lovely daughter will turn 40, and I decided it was a big enough deal to make her a wall hanging to celebrate. This pattern is one I received from a blog I follow on her birthday. Isn't that lovely, for her to give her followers, a gift on her birthday. I know I already told this story, but it relates to today's post, so please excuse the duplication. I am kind of going out on a limb with posting this before the actual birthday and sending it to her. I may even be going out by telling her age, although I think it is silly to worry about that kind of thing, she may not. You see, I did not raise this daughter, I put her up for adoption when she was born. She found me back in 2005, and we have been getting to know each other since then. The fact that she is in my life on her 40th birthday is a big deal for me, maybe even a bigger deal for me than her. LOL I don't think she reads my blog so maybe it will be safe for me to show her gift before she gets it.

 I put it together in strips, that is how she suggested it be put together.

 Just 2 of the borders.
 I hate having to draw all those lines. LOL Below are the ribbons for the ribbon border, and I don't have a picture of it completed.
  I forgot to take pictures of all the steps, so I hope you enjoy the ones I have. When I got to some of the steps, I discovered I had made some mistakes. I can not with any certainty say the mistake was from the directions, or if they were mine alone.  I will go back through and see where I made them, for my own interest, not to complain. I just don't want to make the same ones when I make the quilt again. I know I will make one for myself some time soon. I might even make a larger one for this same daughter since she is the one who loves butterflies so much. I have only one picture of the completed top, and as you will see I have not quilted it yet either. I will post those pictures as soon as I am finished.  I hope you enjoy and until the next time yall have a very quilty week.

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