Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Olympics

 Well, Hello friends a faithful followers, I am much better these days and have just been so busy trying to get my house and my life back on track to sit down and write. I have so many things to talk about and I will do my best to get back soon.
  I have spent my free time the last two weeks watching the summer Olympics, and they have been amazing. I am not a fan of all the events, but still have enjoyed watching. I am actually watching as I write. My hubby does not like to watch and with him sleeping most of the day and all evening we have gotten to watch a lot more than we have before. I love the diving events the most, they always amaze me. Now I am looking forward to the winter games, they should be very entertaining. Now that the games are going to be over I will be able to get back to sewing and cleaning, 
  However I am leaving tomorrow to go help my daughters best friend for a week. She has a new baby (2 weeks) and is having some problems. She has a sciatic nerve problem from the delivery, and she has to use a walker to keep from falling. He leg just goes numb and she is walking and has nothing to hold her up. Sadly she does not have family or close friends to help her out, so I am going to go do that. The baby had to have mouth surgery also and is losing weight since she hurts when she tries to nurse. They have a Dr. appointment every day this week. I will go tomorrow and stay with my aunt and uncle at night so mommy and daddy can be a family, and spend the days with her and help as much as I can. If we have any time I will try to make some meals she can freeze and have after I am gone.
 Just a little aside I have been doing a little sewing, just not much time for it until the house is clean again. My daughter did a massive clean out of her closet. She had t-shirts from Junior high, and she will be 30 next year. She kept the ones she wants in a quilt and put the others out for donation. Well I decided to try one of those reusable bags made from t-shirts.  It was not hard, but took some time, since I did some hemming that I have not seen in the instructions I have read. I hope it holds up as well as it seems like it will and completely washable. I did a squared off part to make it a little boxy for use.
  Well, Like I said I will try and get back this week, but not sure it I will get the chance, but definitely when I get home. So Until them yall have a very quilty week.

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Linda said...

What a sweet friend you are to go help the new mommy and her baby! Poor thing! It's hard enough to start feeling good after delivery without having complications like that!