Monday, August 20, 2012

How do you Document Your Quilts

I am home and glad to be here. The last week was not a bad week, but I have not been so tired in a long time. I was up before 7 every morning and needless to say in bed before 10 every night. We didn't end up making as many trips to the Dr as were originally on the schedule for the new mommy and baby. One kept getting postponed due to a berthing, and two were just plain cancelled due to over stimulation for mommy. The baby has gained back over a pound, but still has to go back one more time for a weight check, since she had lost 1 1/2 pounds of her birth weight. She is a cute baby, and stronger than any I have ever seen, but then again I have never seen one that was 10 ponds at birth. She can already push herself up enough to fall over and possibly off something if she is too close to the edge. We did not give her the chance to prove that too us, as we could see it when she was being held. I have a cute picture, but alas it is on my phone.
  I really enjoyed spending time with my aunt and uncle as well. I stayed at there house and just went over to take care of mommy and baby during the day time hours. Being on a walker that is when she needed me, not while daddy was there. One of my cousins came over and we had a great visit as well. I am blessed to have such wonderful family, and they take good care of me and I feel at home with them. I really wanted to come home or I could have stayed for a birthday party they were having at one of my cousins house that night. They do combo birthday parties, and it was three they celebrated this time. Also one of the cousins daughter was accepted into the sorority she wanted to get into on Friday. I am sure they added that to the celebration, even though she was not able to stay long for the party.
  Okay, for the title of this post, I have some real questions about how others document the quilts they have made. I am sure there are many thoughts on how to do this. I personally like the idea of having a scrapbook and putting scraps of the fabrics, and photos of the process and finished quilt in the book. Now just because I think that is a great way to document my quilts, does not mean I have gotten to that point yet. I try hard to take a good picture of the final quilt before it leaves my house. However I have the problem that I am sure many have had. I put them on the computer and have lost some when a virus or something else takes out the computer. Right now I have a desk top computer just sitting there waiting for me to figure out how to get my stuff off of it. It was frying keyboards at an alarming sped and had given me the blue screen once, when we turned it off the last time. I hope I will be able to get the photos off of the hard drive at least.
  I know there are other options for keeping track of the quilts you have made and even who the recipient of the quilts are. This was all brought up in an article I read about a quilt maker and her quilts. Do you prefer to keep a record on your computer in a word file, or is the scrapbook more your style. Then again maybe you have a method I have not mentioned. Is your list, just that, a list of all the quilts you have made with no photo? Is it important to keep track of the quilts you make, or am I just being silly, because I want to keep up with what I have made. I have a "brag book" that I keep with pictures, from the old days before digital camera, and it is not complete. I let some get away with out making pictures of them and I sure wish I had not. So how do you document, or do you think it is important?
  Until next time yall have a very quilty week.

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