Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Again

  Well, I do hope you all had a lovely weekend, and that your spring is coming along a little slower than mine is. It is funny how stuff moves at such a snails pace for a while during the winter months, although it has not for me this winter. Then wham here comes spring, or in Texas we might say there went spring. I posted a twitter this AM about the beautiful morning and the weather a friend of mine commented back that it had snowed at her house today.
  I made the decision today to do laundry, and not worry about working in the sewing room. I get in there and two hours later I realize I never went and took that last load out and now I am in the middle of what I am doing so I will do it later. Well, not going to do that today, so I am allowing myself to do the fun stuff I do. I am checking out Pinterest and Made by You Monday. Those are for fun and for inspiration. I have to say though that Made By You Monday, was not as fun as I usually find it to be. I want to enjoy this time, but I also worry about being another day not working. The truth is I have too many projects in process right now and I need to just fall back and do the quilts and when it is done enjoy myself later.
Well, it is time to move on and get the next loads changed out. I hope you are having a very quilty spring.

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Carole said...

Nice blog. You might like this cartoon about "doing it later".