Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Funny Stuff and Oh My Goodness

  Hello, how is your day going? I have just spent over an hour searching blogs, websites and Pinterest for bags. I want a new purse and do not want to buy one. Part of that is I don't have the money, and part of it is , I am just picky and find it very difficult to find one I love. I had one that I did love, but I just got tired of the same color all the time, and it was fabric and starting to get pretty dirty. I bought a new leather one, and I love the color of it, and I hate the shape of it. I can get all my stuff in, but with turning it just right, and then trying to get it out is hard. Well, I want to recreate that purse that I loved, but after I cleaned it up, I donated it. That means I can't use it to figure out a pattern for a new one. So.... I searched and have been searching for a few days or weeks for the shape I want. I did not find it!!! I am sad, but I will just start drawing and cutting out paper until I like the shape, and then it will be on to the fabric for it. I want to make 2 or 3 so I can change it out in different seasons and situations. I will post pictures when I get it done. I am still thinking if I want to quilt it or not, it may depend on the fabric, so some may be quilted and others not.
  Well, I may or may not have mentioned my older daughter that lives with me has diabetes. Now that is a tough thing to deal with no mater your age, but she is turning 29 this month and has known she has this  disease for about 2 1/2 years now. She has done very well, with it and gone from 4 shots a day to just 1 pill a day. I would not have known what an improvement that was if I had not seen the progress, but trust me that is great. She has lost 50 lbs. and needs to lose about 20 or 30 more to be what insurance charts call normal. All this said to tell you she got a new job, so she is without insurance for 3 months during that normal probationary period we all have had to do with a new job. Her med.s are kind of expensive and she decided to make it a little more cost effective she would try cutting her medication in half. This has produced some , how can I say it without sounding callous, odd experiences for us. Now all of this might not be a big a problem if she were exercising like she should, however the drive is long and by time she gets home she is too tired to go to the gym. Then she is still too tired to get up early and try and fit the gym in before work, so she is experiencing blood sugar issues. Her sister woke me up at 2 am the other morning very upset that someone had just left out the front door of the house. She was carrying a bottle of Tequila as a weapon,( it was all she could find that might cause injury) and headed out the front door to find out what was going on. I of course followed her out the front door. She told me to wait at the door while she checked the drive way, at which time I noticed a car coming down the street that looked like her sisters. Sure enough that is exactly who it was. We waited for her to get out of the car before going back into the house, and being the mom I said " can you please explain this?" She took it the wrong way, but answered " I thought I slept through my alarm and I was gong to work. I finally saw the clock said it was 1:57 so I went around the block and came home." She was crying while she told up this. She was laughing too, and that gave us permission to laugh as well. We were all kind of hysterical I think. Now it has taken me a long time to write this and you a while to read it, but it took less than 5 min.s to happen altogether. I held her a min. and we all went back to bed, not that we slept very quickly after we got that adrenalin rush. The next day we all talked about it and laughed, while knowing her blood sugar was as mess and that was part of the reason this happened. I do admit it is not as funny in the retelling as it was when it happened.
  On other things, I am finally getting used to sleeping alone , hubby is about to get used to sleeping in the day time as well. Weekends are still a problem, but we are getting there. Of course about the time it all starts to jell we are going to see the baby and then hubs will be going on from there to see his dad and sister and her family. I leave the day before my birthday in April, and the the next Sun. Charlie will join me there. Our friends that live in TN are planning to come see us too. I am looking forward to the visit with the baby and his family. hahaha I can't wait to see my daughter too as I am sure you all know. Charlie will be flying out from Chattanooga on to Pittsburgh PA to see his dad. He tries to go there at least every other year if not every year, depending on what we can afford. It sure is hard having our children in opposite directions, I have not seen my oldest daughter and her family in over 3 years. Those grandchildren are teenagers so not growing soo fast they might forget who I am between visits. We try to stay in touch with them other ways. On thinking about it I wonder why we don't video chat with them or Skype like we did when they were living in Germany? It is not funny haha, but funny ,I wonder why, but it is funny how we did a video chat or emailed or talked on the phone once a month when they lived that far away. When they were in Virginia I went to see them every year or two. Now they live in TX and I have not seen them other than the few hours they spent with us when they moved there. It makes me feel awful, yet I can only go so often , it just cost too much to travel any more than I am now.
  This has turned out to be a very different blog than I had thought it would, that happens some times. I get to writing and the thoughts flow and sometimes change. I need to be working so I am off for the day, and I hope that until I get back to you, that all of you will have a very quilty week.

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