Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where Has The Time Gone?

The new baby
  What can I say , here it is the middle of the month and I have only written once this year. I have no real idea, why I have been so long getting back. I have had titles and thoughts that I would have written about, almost every day.However, when I get the computer out and check the emails, I find I have forgotten what I meant to say. 
Grandpa and Uncle w/baby
Great Grandfather and baby
Great Grandma and baby
  As you know I spent three weeks with my daughter after she had her baby. Then I came home, and I was here about 11 days when my middle daughter flew to TN and drove her sister and the baby home. She stayed with us a week, and the following Fri. the two girls and baby got back in the car to drive back to TN.  Later that same day, middle daughter got on another plane and flew home. During the week they were here I spent every min. I had with my daughter and the baby. We were so busy, going to visit my dad in the hospital, and taking care of things she can't do in TN. Daddy came home from the hospital on Thurs that week, and he is so much better than he has been. Needless to say, I found no time to get into the sewing room and couldn't have if I had found time. We had an air mattress in that room and middle daughter was sleeping there.
middle daughter and baby momma
  Now, I am back into the sewing room, but finding it a little hard to keep my mind on what I need to do. I worked on the quilts that are due and cut out one for my Grandson. I think that I may actually be able to finish them by the end of next week if I work really hard. I believe my husband still has plans to be in the Dallas area visiting my Aunt and Uncle that weekend. The lady who has commissioned them lives in that area. It would be nice if I were able to complete them and take them to her instead of her having to come here. I do feel so bad that I was not able to complete them by the time she requested.
  Then on a very serious note, my husband has been told that he will be laid off in two weeks. He had the approval to look for another job within the company and has an interview for tomorrow afternoon. We have been so fortunate to not have this hit us before now. So many around us have been dealing with a job loss, and I did lose my own job several years ago. Still, my job was not the main income, and truly didn't even affect the house hold finances. I paid my own bills, and took care of the cell phone bill. One of the daughters took over the cell phone bill as her rent. We have never asked the girls to pay rent, but they take care of the groceries often and take mom out to eat on occasion. Hubby took over one of my bills and I have continued to make the payments on my other bill. Now the other daughter will take over another one of the house hold bills as her rent. We have all chosen to trust God with our future, and know He has a plan. If you pray, we would really appreciate those prayers, and until next time, have a very quilty week.

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