Friday, January 27, 2012

Pay It Forward In 2012

  Hello friends! I am a Face Book user and I post pretty regularly, so I check it regularly as well. I have a lot of friends from many time periods in my life and different areas. The first part of Jan. one of my friends ( I think we knew each other in high school) posted a copy and paste post that started with the title I have used for today's blog. In the post, she said, she wanted to make a hand made gift for the first 5 people who liked her post and then re-posted it on there own wall. Being the person I am I wanted to do the same for my friends, so I posted the same on my wall. I got two likes/comments and a," yea, I tried that I got nothing, even though I sent mine out". She wanted just one of her friends to send her a quilt block, so if I can get her address she will get on from me.
  Well, I decided to bump it up a little, so the first 5 people reading this, who would like me to make them a gift some time this year, can comment here on my blog. You choose if you want to do the same thing on your own blog, that is not my thing, it is yours.
In addition to offering this to you, I am also making something for the lovely neighbor who has given me tamales for Christmas the last three years, not expecting anything in return. I am making something for the other neighbor who has shared food, recipes and time with me and my family for years. Now I am mostly a girly gift maker, and so far no man has taken me up on this, but one of my neighbors is a family of 4, man and wife and boy and girl. I really want to do something for the guys as well as the girls. So I am on the search for gifties for the guys that I can make.
  Here is how this is going to work, I have all year to make something for you, as long as it is in the mail or to you on or before Dec. 31, 2012. If you sign up for this you will need to get me your address, we don't want those on the blog, so if you will as you comment here,  email me also, at  . That way your privacy is kept and I can have your email address to let you know it is in the mail for you. If you prefer a quilt block, rather than a gift, let me know. I am not offering blocks to the friends on face book, but this is a quilting blog so I will offer that to you. As I go along with the gifts for my face book friends and for the ones who post comments here, I will share pictures with you. I already have some ideas and fabrics in mind to use to get started for the only one whose address I have. So until my next visit with you, I hope you have a very quilty day.

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Linda Campbell said...

Second attempt at leaving a comment! I am not a "quitter"!!! I got on to check out a previous blog about quilting - but got stopped by your more recent blogs!
~Linda Campbell