Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Archived , Do you read them?

  Hello, I have been thinking about the tutorials that I have put up on this blog, as well as the class I did for beginning quilters way back in '08 or '09. I follow a lot of blogs and I take at least a few hours a week to read up on what others are writing. I especially like a couple that I check every week to see if I have missed something they did. What I find I do not do, unless they have linked up something in that days post, is to read the archived posts. I was wondering if that is the norm for blog readers. I would bet there is a huge amount of information that we would all benefit from just sitting there in the archive of every ones blog. I think that I will start to take a little time over the next few weeks to check out some of the archived posts on some of my favorite blogs. I may see if I can change some of my format on here so that I have the tutorials and the class under one of my new, not used, tabs. I may have to do some research to get that done, but it might be a good thing for some of my readers.
  Along the same lines of the archive and tutorials, I have thought about the upcoming Valentines day , and thought I would share an old picture of my Box of Chocolates .
  Well, yesterday I completed the first of my gifts for the face book people, in the pay it forward for 2012. I admit it was my daughter, but she liked my comment so she gets something same as the others do. Besides I still have not gotten the other ones, to send me their addresses, so I can mail them a home made gift. When my middle daughter showed these to me, I knew I could make one I just didn't know why I would want to. Then we went shopping one day and she had a grocery bag hung around her shifter for trash in her car. Needless to say I made her one for her car.  I took some pictures of it in her car, and for what ever reason they did not upload to the computer when I up loaded these. She has also requested a new top, before summer, and I will do that too. I have made a list of things I want to make for the different people I am making for. I sure wish someone would comment here so I could make something for some of you too.
  Well, until I see you again, have a very quilty day.

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