Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wow 9:15 PM and still 93 degrees

This is so unusual, but here we are half way through Sept. and it is still in the triple digits. Today was the 85th day for the Austin area to be in the triple digits. We broke the record back on day 69. We have broken temp. records that are close to a 100 years ago. We are also at a 14 inch deficit for rain for the years normal averages. That is why we are having so many wild fires in the area. I know other states have wild fires, and floods, and so much devastation, but it seems a little harder to see when you can actually see the faces, and know the names of some of the people who have lost everything they own. I am so proud that I am a part of a yahoo group who have decided to try and help the ladies from the Bastrop, TX area who have lost their stash, scissors, and quilt supplies. I am going through mine now to see what I can share with them. They are coming from CO and since I live so close I will just meet them when they get here. I know that they are more concerned about a roof over their heads and clothes for their children, but I can't imagine thinking about having to start over with my stash, and supplies.
Well, I got the two tops finished today of the mans pants legs. I think they look great, but they are just not going to be big enough for a bed. I have many in my house that are the same size as these are, but some people don't know the joy of a lap quilt on a cold winter night. I can't imagine not having these all over my house. As soon as they are complete I will get real busy on the baby stuff I need to make for my new grandson. I still need to get the diaper bag made too, and that will be fun. I have a design in my head, but I have some things I need to work out, before I get it made.
Okay, well, it is late and I need to go for tonight, until next time, have a very quilty week.

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