Friday, September 23, 2011

Hubby Turns 62

  Well, sorry for being away so long. Yesterday was my husbands birthday and we did what we do on birthdays and went out for lunch and then when he got off work we went out as well for a little celebration. One of the girls was home sick, but our middle daughter went with us and my husbands friend whose birthday is the same as Charlies. We kind of have a thing in our family that I have discovered not all families do. We take the day off for out birthday, no working. Well, since Charlies was on Thurs. he chose to work and take the Fri. off and have a long weekend for his birthday. Our son is coming in tonight for the weekend and we are looking forward to that, it has been a couple of months since we saw them.
  I have been working on those three quilts that I have been talking about for a month or more, and just need to layer and bast them, so I can quilt. We have done a massive house cleaning and that kind of put me behind on what I needed to be doing. I should get the basting done either tomorrow or Mon. and then get all three quilted next week. I have also taken a chance on making my daughter a top. She has plans to go to a car show this weekend and wanted a special top for it. I have had some bad luck with making clothing so avoid it most of the time. I love to have clothes I make myself, but seem to have lost the knack for making them fit. I keep thinking my old skills will kick in,then the next thing I make doesn't fit and I walk away for a while again. Right now I am going to have to re-cut at least part of this top, because I fitted it to her and it is not going to be large enough. When I get it right it will be a very cute one and I will try to get her to let me take a photo to show you.
  I mentioned the house cleaning we have been doing. My sewing room was such a disaster I could just walk thru a path to the sewing table and not much more. In May or early June, I had three people bring me clothing they wanted made into quilts. These came in large plastic bags and huge boxes, which really didn't have a place to go, so they just sat in the middle of the room. Well, I finally figured out what to do with the two that I am not working on as yet so I can now see the floor in there. I am excited about that. I still have issues that need to be addressed, but I feel like I can work in there now. I am so happy with it I am even loading the software for my embroidery machine on the new laptop. I have wanted to do this for a while, but why bother when I can't even find the module to put on the machine. Well, actually it was not lost, I just didn't have room to use it, and it was very hard to get to. Now I have put it where I can get to it easily and will have the software on the computer . Yea, I can use it again.
  We still have not gotten any real rain as yet, but we are finally out of the triple digit temp.s. Of course just as I was righting that the news guy said Sun. we may have another day of it. We are at 85 days of triple digits this year in the Austin area, that will make it 86 days. We just need the rain so badly, and farmers almanac says it may not be until after Nov. that we will get the rain.
Okay, well until the next time, yall have a very quilty weekend.

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