Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I did Today

  Hello, friends, I have been busy today. I had a lovely morning out in the back yard. Before the heat gets started it is pretty nice out in our back yard. It is full shade until after 11AM so cooler than in the sun. I water the grass and flower bed once a week pretty deep, so we don't lose it. Last summer we got a bug or fungus and lost most of the grass in the front and back yards. So it is not as nice as it has been, but still has spots.
   Well, then, hubby called and asked if we could have chicken salad for lunch. Of course the chicken was frozen. When I came in the house I put it on to boil and went off to the sewing room. Hubby's wallet has been falling apart for years and I purchased the fabric to make him one, also years ago. Yesterday I started working on one, when he came in I asked for his current wallet. He gave me the wrong measurements so what I did all morning was a waste of my time. Well, it did turn out to be something I could use, but at first I didn't think it would be. New measurements taken and I started over again. I am not terribly excited with the results, but I think it turned out usable and , hey now I know how to make it. I can always make another one. I didn't have any solid fabric to line it with, but had a nice dark blue with stars . Hubby is not offended so it will work.
Then just as he left for work after lunch he asked if maybe I could make him a new cell phone case too. I have been putting that off as well, and guess what it was not as hard as I thought it would be. So here are the pictures of them.

 This shows the back, with a belt loop for him to hold it on with. I used hook and loop tape for the closing , but I think next time I will try to use a magnet.

I may be MIA for a lot of the time over the next few weeks. I was supposed to be in Dallas this week, but things change and I didn't go. Hubby and I will be leaving on Sat. for my Aunt and Uncles and then when Mon. comes and hubby leaves for home I will stay for the week. I am not sure how I will get home, but either my Aunt will bring me or they may send me by train. My Aunt has said she needs to come to Austin to visit my mom and my other Aunt, so she can bring me home. Then hubby and I leave for TN to visit our youngest daughter and her new family, on the 30th. We will be there for 10 days, and get to see friends from the other side of the state while we are there. I have one tutorial I have promised my cousin I will post here for her, that I will try to get written tomorrow. Please don't hold me to that though. I will get it made tomorrow and get the pictures made, so I can get it written.
  Oh, by the way , I follow Wayne on his design blog, I have mentioned him before and did a blog for him when he asked for one a few months back. Any way I asked him what software he used for his designing. He told me he uses Paint and I was surprised to find I have it on my computer. I have been playing with it, and the curve may be large, but in the mean time here is one of the designs I did, that I would like to make into a quilt.
 It is kind of fun I think, but I never buy yellow so I may not ever be able to make it. Hahaha I know I can buy some, I just don't know how to take this and translate it into a quilt.
Okay, I will close for tonight and hope all of you have a very quilty week.


Wayne Kollinger said...


I'm glad you found Paint and are playing (designing) with it.

Your design makes an interesting and very different quilt. It is so different from what I've been doing that it makes me realize how much I have yet to try.

If you want to translate this into a quilt pattern, you could start by printing it on a piece of paper and then cut it into sections along the lines of the design. Then cut those sections into sections. Keep cutting until you have individual pieces.

To sew a quilt you just reverse the process. Try it; it works.

thecuriousquilter said...

I also use Paint to test quilting designs when I am stumped (see for how-to!).

Perhaps try making a mini-quilt for the Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative as a test for your new design?

- Mary, The Curious Quilter