Thursday, June 9, 2011

Always Under The Gun

  Why am I always under the gun? I work and work on the stuff I need to do, then up pops something I have to do now. I am always behind, and I really hate that. I guess I need to find a way to be more organized and just never take a day off. I have been working on a Graduation gift this week and my middle daughter is wanting one for herself. I am not sure that will happen with this one. Maybe if I used pre-quilted fabric, I would make her one.
  I did something this week that I have always dreaded doing, I even have wondered how anyone could do it. I sewed my finger while I was doing some free motion quilting. The needle went in and out and now it is a little swollen. I cleaned it and let it bleed all the things, I know you are supposed to do, so it won't hurt so bad. Need less to say I have not wanted to sew but today I got back to it.
 We got a text this morning with a photo of my niece's new baby boy. I have been so busy I forgot she was expecting. That may sound bad, but they live in another state. We don't hear from each other very often, they didn't even let us know she got married. If it was not for her older brother, we would not know she was expecting at all. I still feel like I should do something for her, it is after all her first baby and maybe her last, she is 35.

Okay on to the bag I have been making, I am so excited about it. I hope you like it. I have not done a full tutorial, however I tried to make enough pictures that you could see what I did and how I did it.

The bag opens out to hang on the wall, or just give you the opportunity to take out one bag at a time if you want to.

" The bag " is actually four bags that can be taken off the roll and used individually when you want to . There is a metal ring to hang it with too. I am not excited about the metal ring I have on this one and I will try to do something better before I give this one away. 

So to give you an idea of how I did this bag. I got the pattern/idea from one my daughter got when she signed up to sell one of the home party makeup lines. She loves it and thought mom could make one for the cousin. hahaha( Kids, I am glad she thinks I can do anything.) I took measurements from her bag and looked through my fabrics. I did not have enough of one fabric, so I chose a left over piece of fabric that I could use for the backing. Then I picked out four fat quarters to make the bags from. I cut out the backing and found I didn't have enough for inside and out, so I did the measurements of the little bags and cut them out. Then took some of the left overs to make stripes in the middle of the inside of the main bag/holder.
 I cut the small bag patterns and added batting then did some machine quilting. Next I measure where the hook and loop needed to be and put it on the out side of the quilted fabric. Put in the zipper. I used one that was much longer than I needed and cut it off to fit after I added the ends of the bag.

This is looking in after one end is already sewn in. I have to say that triangle was a little harder to put in than I thought if would be I put it in, by centering the point with the zipper and sewing the long flat part of the triangle  first. Then sewing each side from the bottom up to the zipper.

I didn't realize the light color fabric was going to be so hard to see. I had already sewn through my finger at this point and picture taking was not the main thing on my mind. LOL

Just a shot showing the under side of the removable bag and how it attaches to the main body of the hanger. I tried to make a picture of it hanging it just didn't turn out well enough to post.  Here is another one of the roll as it looks from the end.

I love how it turned out and I think maybe saying I won't make it again was a little hasty. I have some things I will need to tweak if I do though.

I hope this was helpful or you just enjoyed it, and have a very quilty week until we talk again.

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