Wednesday, June 8, 2011


  I started a post and the blogger is giving me trouble so I have saved it and will come back to it later. I have made a new bag I can't wait to show off.
   In the mean time I will just say some stuff that I should have told you already. Like do you make a photo of every quilt you make, and give away? Have you made one that you missed, and really wish you had that picture? I have several I have given away, to friends and for what ever reason have lost touch with them. I hate that I lost touch with them, but I also hate that I made some quilts that I have no record of except in my mind. I made a really nice baby gift for a cute little boy who is now in middle school, oh wait make that two. They are both in middle school and I have no picture and don't hear from them. anymore.  I did a t-shirt quilt for a very good friend as a gift from her parents to give her for graduation. We still see her and talk to her often ( as often as you do those who live in another state) but she lives in NC and we live in TX. I have asked her to send me a photo, but she is busy and has not done that for me. I do have several that I have given away that the only picture I have is the one I posted here on the blog.
  Now I am trying to figure out what kind of quilt I can make quickly, and looking through a book and remember those quilts I gave a way, without taking the time to make a picture. I know it may not seem like a big thing, but I always thought I would make a scrap book of the quilts I have made. Then I started this blog and it has become my scrapbook of quilts.
  Well, until blogger is acting correctly have a quilty day.


Linda said...

I do try to photograph all my quilts, but like you, there are some that fell through the cracks. I just forgot before sending them on or got too busy. I'm glad you reminded me of this, because here I am at my son's house and there are some quilts here that I sent my granddaughter and didn't quilt. I will have to post them later today!!
Thanks for the suggestion!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Tennye..decided to read a few more posts and see if you managed to get photos in etc etc. But I do want to say photos make a blog and they also make memories yes, I photograph all of my quilts, print off albums of them for memory lane when I can no longer do anything and love the whole process. I take so many photos along the way of making my quilts that my computer album photos of quilting will no doubt dismay my three children some day when they see just how nuts I really was over all of it..ha!