Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Finished Product

  Hello, friends I am home, I know I told you I would be coming home on Tue. and as it turned out I got involved in a project for my Aunt. It needed a couple of more hours and that was too much to cram into one day, so we stayed over. I got so much done on that next day I will be able to complete the project very quickly when I get there in a couple of weeks. I may have told you my Aunt got a new sewing machine and I told her I would come and help her learn to use it by helping her to do some upholstering for her master bedroom. Well, my mom decided she wanted to visit her sister and she and daddy just don't need to be driving a couple of hours alone. So I drove them to Dallas to visit and her sister. My Aunt had a man scheduled to come and look at her dinning room chairs to reupholster them for her. We do not know why, but the man never showed up. He did not call, and he did not make any attempt to contact her. I looked at the chairs and thought I could do the top, but the bottom looks kind of hard, not sure I could do that. However, I kept my mouth closed and just thought about it. I am not sure how it came up that I had done some upholstering in the past, maybe my Mom, but it did. So she (my aunt) asked me if I thought I could do the job. I told her what I thought. Then, my Uncle, unscrewed the chair bottom and took it off to let me look at it. I was so surprised when I looked at it and realized I could do that easier than the top that I knew I could do. So I told her I would do it for her, if she wanted me to. I said" I will do the first one and then if you hate what I did you can call the guy or someone else.If you like my work, I can do the other three when I come back later in June." We agreed to that and I started the process. I told her it would be best if she replaced the foam rather than just the fabric. I showed her how the foam in the chair was beginning to crumble. She agreed with me and we went out looking for the better grade of foam. I am very happy with the job I did and my aunt was too, so when I go back in a couple of weeks I will finish the other three chairs, and help with the day bed that I was going to help her with any way.
  I have spent today doing stuff I needed to do, like getting my drivers license renewed, and making reservations for a hotel to stay in when we go to Tennessee at the end of the month. Hubby and I are going to see our daughter, and her family. Plus my hubby's best friend from the Navy lives there too, and we are either going to have them come see us, or meet them. We have to do some work on my Van before we make a trip that long though.  Now I realize that is a five or ten min. job, however the hubby gave me a limit on what he wants to pay, I spent over two hours researching hotels and costs. Then there is the little call to the pharmacy to get hubby's blood pressure meds renewed. The trip to the DMV was over two hours total, so we went ahead and had lunch out while we were out.
  Tomorrow I will be making a graduation gift for my cousin's daughters graduation gift. I am pretty excited about it to be honest and I will be taking lots of pictures, if I can remember what I did with my camera. I took it with me to Dallas and I do not remember seeing it while I was unpacking. Sure hope I did not leave it in my Aunts spare bedroom.
Well, until I am able to get back to you please have a very quilty week.


Linda said...

I have done very simple upholstery, like the chair bottom, but never more than that. I think I could with someone there to guide me and tell me of the right tools. Good job!!!

Karenkay said...

Great job on the chair!!