Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trying out a new look

Well, it seems somewhat at climatic after being so excited about the give away and now here we are two days later and what is next. Oh, hey wait I didn't announce who the winner was yet. Well, that has turned out to be a little more complicated than I though it would be. I should have the name sometime tomorrow. In the mean time I have had someone tell me that I have a response portion blocked.  Sadly I have spent most of the day looking for the blocked item and can not find any place to change the problem. Until I can figure it all out please leave me a comment if you want to ask me something and I will try to email you or reply in the comments.
I do not have Outlook set up on my computer as it was the reason I ended up with many computer problems on my first two computers. I use email completely on line and never have it come into my laptop. I am working on a solution for that now, since I plan to start adding some content to the blog that would most likely have some asking questions. Too bad Google doesn't offer a class on setting up and maintaining a blog through blogspot. LOL Well, they do give lots of help with setting up your blog, I actually feel like it was much easier than I thought it would be. My children can't believe I was able to do this whole thing without them helping me. They are still in wonder that I continue and ask no questions of them. I can not believe these are the same children I home schooled from K-12 and they learned enough to go to college and get jobs that pay them more than I have ever considered making myself. Gotta love them.
I am working on a new quilt I should have it completed by the end of the evening, I will post a picture of it tomorrow and let you all know who our winner is.
Have a quilty day,


Mommarock said...

Oh my gosh! I didn't realize you homeschooled your kids! I was looking at the Acuquilt Go, and thinking it would be a great tool to use to get my 12yo son to help me make a quilt! We could make it one of our home ec projects this year. Now, to just hope LOL.

Marilyn said...

Hi Tennye. I have finally managed to catch up on your posts. Sounds like you have been busy. You must be so excited about the embroidery unit - they are such fun to use, so hope you find time to play with it.
When you have some time, come visit my blog. Like you, I am pleased with myself that I managed to do it by myself.