Monday, September 6, 2010


Well, I hope you all had a lovely long weekend , well at least those of you who live in the US at least. I wish I could say mine was lovely and productive, however it was not. I got nothing done that I wanted to , and I didn't really have a fun time. I did have a good day on Sat. running errands with my girls, and having brunch with them first.
I really meant to spend the day quilting today, but I started the day helping my parents with their computer. Then we came back to my house and I helped my hubby finish up lunch. We had a good lunch and then watched movies the rest of the day. Did I think to go get the quilt, NO I did not. I did however spend some time on the computer. Not really doing anything I needed to, but I spent a couple of hours reading some blogs I have not read in a long time. That was kind of fun, and made me want to get my stuff going now and not wait. Why do I wait? I think I may be afraid of failure. I want to be the customer service person I would expect to do business with. Only problem is I have some problems with procrastination in some areas. Not all areas, just a few and those can be a big deal for a customer. Hey, that is one of the reasons I am doing the give a way on the 27th of this month. I want to prove to myself I can do what I say I will and get to the post office the day I intend to.
I am having such a fun time with the Dresden Plate ruler that I bought, so I decided to add some of the pre-cut pieces. So here  are some pictures.

Well, as you can see these pictures are of some completed plates, the ruler I am using and some Christmas ones that are ready to put into plates. Then in the mix not where I put it, you find one of my newest Christmas tree ornaments. I will make it in two lengths, and add a ice skate runner too. So yes the week has been less productive than I wanted but not a complete wash.
I will be adding enough pre-cut Dresden plate pieces to make two plates, and I will print up a page of instructions so the winner will be able to make them up for themselves. I would make them for you but they are so fun to see come together that I want you to have the pleasure of doing it yourself.
The Christmas fabric ones are going to be odd blocks on a quilt I am making of some cute printed fabric.I will take a picture of the panel and post it soon. My daughter loves penguins and this is a Christmas panel with Penguins. The panel has one main square and four smaller ones, and they are not in a size big enough to make any thing other than a wall quilt. I want to make her a sofa size quilt, so I thought it would be fun to add them on a plain back ground.  On the bright side I did not buy any new fabric to make the Dresden plates. I found all the Christmas fabrics in my pre-cut fabric stash.
Well, I need to go for tonight, yall have a quilty week.

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Micki said...

I love your Dresdens...Really looks like fall!