Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Got giveaway

Well, as I promised earlier today here are some photos of the items I am offering on the 27th of this month as a give away. Please be sure to remember to come by that day and post a comment telling me what you like about my blog, and what you might like for me to add.
I am using the birthday of my oldest child as my date, since I missed the anniversary of my starting my blog. This is a busy birthday month for our family. My husbands birthday is today, and his niece was born on his birthday. It is also one of my Aunts, one of my Uncles, and two of my cousins birthdays and my cousin's son. You get to celebrate with me.
So lets get a glimpse of the items on the table for my giveaway.

This is an overall picture without the Dresden plate pieces. As you can see there are a lot of things. So lets break it down into bite size pieces.

These are some yummy fat quarters I hope you will have fun using. I want to keep them myself they are so yummy.


This is a great little book I was given two of, why keep both when I can share.

I received one of these with my magazine subscription. I also had someone give me several more of them. I enjoyed it so why not share.

You may notice this wall quilt is similar to the one on my header. That is because this is the mag. I got the pattern from and I have since adapted this pattern and made several different quilts with the same idea. I have one that is a Christmas quilt of satins, velvets, and poinsettias .

Again, these were gifted to me and I haven't tried it yet, but look forward to giving one of my hand quilted quilts a good cleaning with one of these.
I admit I have not checked with the post office so I am not sure you will get all three of these, but if at all possible that is my plan.

This nosey little girl kept getting in front of me while I was trying to make these photos.

Then last but not least a shot of the quilt I am working on. This is the hand quilting project that I am really so behind in getting finished.
So I hope you are having a really fun quilty day.


QuiltSue said...

Woww, what a generous giveaway.

Mimi said...

Holy smokes! For a second there I thought you were giving away your beautiful cat!! Whew! That would be tricky to ship eh? Anyway, this is a very generous giveaway, please count me in!!

Micki said...

That is a wonderful giveaway, and I love your cat! Count me in!

Mommarock said...

Well when you do a giveaway, you sure do a giveaway!! That quilt sure looks lovely by the way. I would love to see it when you finish it as well.