Monday, August 30, 2010


Well, I get some blogs in my email and one of them I can't remember the name has what they call Made by you Monday. I love it and spend a good part of Monday  morning checking out all the different things they have linked up to the site. Today I checked out several really nice things and then had to go make lunch for my hubby. So I am going back to check out what I missed before the day is over.
I worked hard on the hand quilting project all weekend, and even took time out to make about 4 pages for the scrap book, of my youngest daughters wedding. I have some lovely calouses on a finger and thumb to show for it. I am also getting very close to finishing the quilt. However I had a hard day today with a silly stomach bug. Spent most of the day in bed or the bathroom.
Have a quilty week and I hope to be back later this week.

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