Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Got a New Book

Well, technically I didn't get a new book I just borrowed a new book and  I am reading a series of books (novels) and the reason I mentioned it is they both talk about quilts and signs. Now I know that there isn't any proof the Underground Railroad used quilts for offering up directions to run away slaves, but it is a pretty firm legend that they did. Now I am reading about the signs used to let Hobo's know about good places to find food and work and also to warn them off of places where they could get shot or in some kind of trouble as well as, where to find the jungle( place they camped). The Hobo's were usually men out of work who took to the rails to find a way to make a living for their family's . These men rarely had much if any money on them when they traveled, the money they made was sent home to the wife and kids or mom. Some times they were no count guys, but for the most part they were just men down on their luck. The book I got today shows these signs the Hobo's used and had gone so far as to translate them into quilt blocks. Along with the blocks are stories from men and women of the time about their travels or their family member who had to travel.
Some day they will write books about this time and what kind of signs are we leaving for them to find, and will they use them in quilts ? It is a compelling thought, what do you think?
I have been teaching this week and even though I wrote that this was the last week of camp I got to the store for camp on Tue. morning and found out I was a week early. I had scheduled a class that afternoon though and she came in again today for a one on one. She is a cute young lady and she is learning so much. She was in my first camp and she is now making and selling the bags I taught her to make in that class.
I taught her to make some bags that she can put in them this week, so maybe she will work on some of those to sell too. We had fun and I still have another week of camp next week.
My son is coming to town this week so I will be busy most of the weekend. If I don't get back before next week, yall have a a quilty weekend.

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Micki said...

Sounds like a neat book! I enjoyed the display!