Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vacation Over

Well, I am home from my vacation and I must say with the exception of a few little things I had a wonderful time. I intended to post and add photos the entire time I was gone and as you can see I didn't post anything. We left here on the 30th of March at about 6 PM and drove for about five hours to Shreveport,LA . We spent the night there and drove on to Savannah,GA because my daughter wanted to see it. I guess I should go back and start over a little. My daughter and I, drove my parents to meet their great grand children for the first time. The daughter I put up for adoption who found us about five years ago has been here to see us and so has her husband, but so far my parents have not gotten to meet their children. My son in law is stationed in Virginia for now and moving to El Paso, TX in two months. My dad just loves history and since there is so much in the VA area I wanted him to get to see it while we had family there to visit.
I worked hard to get the quilts I had for my grand daughters completed before I left and unfortunately even working up until the last hour before we left I did not get that accomplished. I will do that this coming week if possible. The day I got home I was able to get a nice bath and wash my hair. Then we discovered that the main water coming in to the house pipe had busted while I was in the bath. Woo Hoo what fun. Well, that was Wed. evening and this is Sat. and we still have no water. We have been using gallon jugs to flush with and going to my parents to bath. My house is a disaster with no water and I am somewhat frustrated with it. One of the cats got sick in my sewing chair while I was gone and I can't clean it without water so I have not gotten to sew yet. No laundry, and do dishes washed. Friday was my birthday and we went out with friends and my family. We had a great time.
Back to the vacation, I had a great time and I really think my parents did too. My daughter flew home on Mon. after Easter and I did all the driving after that. We stayed with my daughter for a week and then drove to Louisiana and spent a few days with a cousin and her new husband there. It was a nice visit there and a good drive home.
I will check back in with you all in a day or two. I hopefully will have the quilts completed and have pictures to show, and also be able to post the tutorial I have been talking about.
Have a quilty week, and I will see you soon.

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