Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I guess Lesson Two

Well, lets get back to this block and see if we can finish it. I meant to mention you should make your stitches for sewing smaller than what you might use for regular sewing.
The next step will be to turn over your fabric and pattern finger press it and trim.

As you can see I use the wooden tool because I have long nails and it makes them weak when I use my thumb or fingers.
This is the trim part.
I also trim up the seem allowance after I trim off the strip piecing.
You follow the numbers on the front and continue your sewing. Don't tear any of the paper off at this time.
Now you have a quarter of your block, or at least I do. LOL Turn the block over and lets trim it up.
 When you trim remember you need the quarter inch for a seem allowance around the out side.
Here is the trimmed and completed quarter block.
Repeat with however many pieces or blocks you have to complete your block.
Using your seem allowances put them together. Remembering to leave your stitch length short so that it will be strong enough when you tear off the paper.
This is my complete block with all the papers still in tact.
I have a trick I use to begin the process of tearing off the paper.
Score the paper with a pin, being sure not to go through the fabric.
Lift paper with your finger and pull gently using the seam lines as perforated line. Because it is. Duh! right.
Well I hope this has been helpful to those of you who are trying to do some things they have not done before or have done and found to be too challenging to do again.
Happy quilting to you all,


Micki said...

I love paper piecing, so you know I loved this one!

Tennye said...

So happy you liked it Miki.

Shirley said...

Tennye -- I love this block =-- you do nice work.
I hope your Mom is feeling better. It is a worry for you and your family. Shirley