Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well, I have been working on two quilts for my granddaughters and I finished one yesterday, but had to stop on the other one because I ran out of thread. I went off to find some today while I was shopping for some groceries. The quilt/Bernina shop is next to the store where I shop, even though I don't go there often it was so convenient for today. Well I usually buy white thread in the 547 yd.s but this store happens to carry the larger spool with 1094 yd.s which I thought cost an awful lot but I use so much white that I was glad to find it. So I have been looking on line for maybe a way to buy some a little cheaper. Well, I found it for 28.?? I didn't write it down, for a box of five. Well, I paid 9.$ for one so I think that  may be a good way to go in the future. They carry all of the different varieties of Metrosene and all the size spools at a reduced rate, plus they had some on sale this week. What a deal right.
Well, I apologize again for the split in the paper piecing tutorial, next time I will just hold off until I can do it all in one. I am thinking about giving you a pattern from the ones I am planning to put in my book and see how you like it. Then maybe ask for your comments on the directions, so I can improve on my methods. I guess I should go back to work for now and finish this other quilt. When I get it done I will post pictures, and then I will have some others to show you soon. I have kind of gone table runner crazy the last few months and I just have to make one of the patterns I have been hording. Besides I have an entry way table that needs some new life this year.
So off I go , hoping you will have a quilty week.

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