Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunbonnet Gal

  Well, I have finally finished all the blocks as I told you last time and this one is very exciting to me. I love the Sun bonnet Sue patterns and when I was growing up my Aunt had one that was a colonial girls in pinks and yellows. It was the quilt I used for nap time until I was too old for a nap and I kind of felt like it was mine. Needless to say my cousin had other thoughts when we were adults. LOL I always thought I might try to make one myself and duplicate hers, but I didn't know how to applique and that was a big problem. Well, as I have said before I decided to make the Birthday Block exchange a way of challenging myself to learn something new and use blocks that I had never made before. So all of this is to say this is my crowning glory I think. I love it and I hope that she will too when she gets it.
So until next time yall have a quilting week.

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Marilynd said...

Fantastic Sunbonnet Sue. Love her and am sure the new owner will also be thrilled. Her quilt is going to be beautiful.