Friday, February 19, 2010

New Block Done

   Well, I have finally completed the last of my birthday blocks from 2009 and will get the last one in the mail soon so that is will reach the one it is made for. I feel very bad that it is so long in the making and yet I am more proud of this one than of any other ones I have made. I have taken the pictures but have not gotten them on the computer yet when I do I will share. I made the Birthday Exchange an experience in challenging myself with the blocks I was to send. This last one was the one I most dreaded doing as I decided to make the Sun Bonnet Sue the lady had hopes of receiving for her blocks. I do not do applique and have over time built up such a fear of it. I thought I would never learn to do it at all, and I do not do much hand work these days unless it is to quilt by hand. So I chose to do this by machine instead of by hand. I am very pleased with the results and I hope she is too.
   I am sorry my paper piecing has not been posted, but I have not had the time to do it again. I will maybe try to do it tomorrow since it is Sat. and I won't feel like it is a work day.
   I am pretty excited , today I made a deal with my Mom and I have the ability to get on ETSY and see what will sell. I am in hopes of setting it up tomorrow too. I started the process months ago, but I was missing a required item that I didn't have. Now I have that item and I can complete the application and set up my shop. I will invite you to visit me there once it is set up completely.
Thanks for visitng me again and have a wonderful quilting experience today.

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