Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not much Time

Well, I am still working on so many things, and yesterday was frustrating. I worked the same number of hours and I didn't complete anything. I got one bag almost complete, but then I had to quit. I think I just got too tired to make the good decisions. I have wanted to share some more photos so here are a few more.


Eileen said...

Boy can I identify with working and not accomplishing anything!
What is the bag you made? Is it a pattern from someone else or one who designed yourself?

Eileen said...

or one YOU designed yourself?

Tennye said...

Yes Ellen these are my own designs. The bag is for a baby bottle. I am sod this set didn't sell, but I will complete the diaper bag and donate them to the local crisis pregnancy center. It will be good for a new mom who is in need.