Saturday, October 31, 2009

Back and glad of it!!!

Well, my computer is all better now, the guy who worked on it finally had to just wipe it clean and I lost almost all of my files. I did forget to get him to save the files for my Pampered Chef business. I am glad I have them on the other computer, but I did have a show after I moved them to this one. The other computer is really not able to be used because it is so slow. I tried to use it to keep up with all of you, but that just didn't happen. I am so glad to be back though so lets just go on with this and forget the mess I have had to deal with.
I have pictures and I am working so hard on several things that I am very proud of. I will photo them when they are complete and share them with you. Until then let me share with you the pictures I have of the things I am making for the craft fair.
Wait first let me tell you what has happened in case I have not gotten to yet. My children gave their father a trip to Las Vegas for his 60th birthday and I get to go too. I am so excited because we leave in a week. Of course that is also putting me on the line with getting the craft fair stuff completed.
Where do I start with the pictures? I guess I will start with the big picture. I added my cell phone for perspective. These cute little bags are for gift cards or money gifts. They can be hung on the tree or you can gift wrap them. The coffee sleeves are thermal, and they can be used for cool or warm. The thermal part keeps your hands cool or warm as the case may be.  There is so much to show, but for today I will leave it at this.
Happy Quilting, Tennye

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Anonymous said...

Hope the trip away is wonderful. Relax and refresh - you deserve it after the last while. Your projects for the fair are looking good.