Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

I had a  bad week last week and then started this one in a similar way. I was getting frustrated, but then things turned around and the only thing that changed was my attitude. So now I have decided things will be better even if I am too tired. I finally got into the sewing room and it is a mess of major proportions. I got so over whelmed with the idea of trying to clean it out so I just did the least I could and got out my project that is in need of being completed. I had a very productive afternoon, and I even got some laundry started. Tomorrow I will hopefully get the blocks complete. Then on Mon. I will be able to start the process of sewing and quilting. I have decided to quilt as I go with this one. It will be just too big to quilt it the other way. I sure wish I could get the hang of the frame. Maybe I would be able to get the quilting done quicker.
I do have a much better grasp on the whole process now and my free motion is really getting good. It is almost like I have a long arm sometimes. That makes me feel pretty good and I am pretty excited about selling my wall hanging at the show last weekend.

By the way we had a wonderful time at my Aunt and Uncles house this weekend. I tired a shrimp soup my cousin asked me to try and it was sooo good. I will have to get her to give me the recipe for it. We did a big fish fry and we all cooked something to go with it. We had so much food it was over done. But so good.
Well, in case I miss tomorrow, let me say Have a wonderful Thanks Giving and now we are on the down hill side of Christmas.


Micki said...

Glad that your machine quilting is getting good. Which machine are you using. Mine has gotten a lot better too, since I got my Pfaff 4.0 Expression.

Tennye said...

Micki, I have a Bernina EQ it is the one that comes with the quilting stuff ie quarter inch foot, stitch regulator, and some other things. I love my machine.