Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back and still tired.

Well, I had a great vacation and then came back and hit the road running. We had a great craft show over the weekend. I learned so much about what the people who come want. I will see if I can make a better showing next year. I will have more just Christmas things, as that is what seemed to sell better than the gift items I thought would be the best sellers. I am planning to make up a few small gift baskets or cups and see if they will sell on the corner.
I do have a couple more pictures to share and will do that at the end. I was so lucky to meet a lovely lady on the flight home from Vegas. She is a quilter too and we really enjoyed our flight. I just love meeting new people and to meet a fellow quilter is always a treat. My poor hubby hates to be confined for long periods of time and he had to sit on that plane for two hours and Jeanne and I just talked the whole time and didn't even notice the time passing.
I have three quilts that must be complete ASAP so I will have to get back on the work horse soon. I need to take my daughter for a job interview on Mon. and she still can't see well enough to drive so I will. Then we have to go to the Dr. after that, so I will have the day off tomorrow. Glad I have a pot of stew in the fridge, I won't have to cook. I will enjoy a good book while I wait for her to do what she has to do. Then I will get busy on Tue. and as soon as I can I will try out the new class I got in the email last month. I wanted to work on it right away but had to wait until the fair was over. I also have some birthday blocks to get out asap. I am behind with Nov. and hope to get those and Dec. done and out in the mail before Thanksgiving.

Well, enough for today, have a good day tomorrow and I will be back on as soon as I can. Here are the pictures of the two completed small wall hangings I took to the show. One, the tree, sold and the other didn't.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tennye - I love the 2 wall quilts - especially the tree! Glad you had a good show! What fun to see my name in print - LOL!