Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Here I am again wishing I had done more today than I did. I took my oldest daughter to the Dr. again today. Bless her heart with all of the things going on in her life it is amazing that she can still get up and face the world. She has been having trouble seeing well enough to drive the last week, so I have been taking her to the appointments she has. She is getting the diabetes under control, and now she needs to find out if she has any permanent damage to her eyes. Today we had great news, that she does not have any damage and the problems she is having ,now ,should go away soon.
I hope to get into the sewing room tomorrow and make some progress, but I have made the mistake of starting a new book. I will have to be disiplined and not read all day. I did start the laundry and clean the kitchen today, so the house is looking better.
Well, I am having some problems on the blog recently. Spell check is gone, and yet it tells me I spelled the word wrong. I usually do a good job of spelling, but then I really make a mess sometimes too. So sorry if you notice I have misspelled words.
Well, more next time.

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Micki said...

Hope everything works out for your daughter. You have been having a difficult week. If you do get into the sewing room, enjoy your time there!