Sunday, October 4, 2009

Coming to terms with Change

Hi, to all, I have been MIA for a couple of weeks and didn't even realize it had been that long. Things have changed in my life yet again. I am no longer teaching at the Cotton Cupboard. I am still writing classes for the on line group I am with," Quilting" My name is not always on my classes because of the way things have to be set up on the back end of the site, but I am there never the less. I will be adding a couple of classes in the next few months so if you were thinking you might like to have a class for a Christmas gift be sure to let your loved ones know they can do that for you.
I am not sure why, but I have had more health issues this year than I have in several years. Not the least is these migrains that have come back. I went several years without one, and about three years ago the started coming back and were mild, and not often. Then the last few weeks I have had them slam me. Maybe they will go away again, now. I hope!!!!
I have some great new stuff made that I told you about in Sept. and I will post some pictures of them soon. I have some other things ready to be quilted, that I will work on soon, but will show you photos as they are when I get them off the camera.
We are in the middle of the birthday marathon. It starts in Sept. and goes until Christmas, but Oct. and Sept. are the busiest, with Emily, Charlie,and an aunt and four cousins, and a neice. Then we start Oct. with a bang with my FIL, Aften, mother, and my granddaughter. Nov. is Jenn, Brena, and two nephews. Then Dec. is my other granddaughter. I am trying hard to get things for all of them and working on the part of Christmas that I love most and that is stockings. I start shopping for the stockings as soon as Christmas is over. Well I guess I am trying to make up for lost time, and I will just stop for now and try not to be so long between posts this month.
Happy quilting,

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Micki said...

You have a lot of wonderful things planned, esp. the classes. Good luck with all of them!