Friday, September 18, 2009

End of another Week

What a week, I started out feeling retched and it didn't get a lot better after that. I stayed home on Mon. and then I thought I could work in the sewing room. Needless to say that didn't go well so I went back to bed. I did however finally get some work done towards the end of the week. I got up with a migraine on Wed. morning and just went to work anyway. I am so glad I did, I loved the lady who came to my class. She was a real sweetheart and we had a good time. She didn't finish her project but she was very happy to be in the class, so it didn't matter. I did come home and put a pillow over my eyes and take a nap. It helped but didn't get rid of the pain. I went to the sewing room and worked the rest of the afternoon. When my Aften got home from work we had a quick supper and then left for the Cotton Cupboard to the party to celebrate the new Nolting Quilt machine that came in this week. Wow what an incredible machine, it really makes me want one. I didn't want to, since I work there, but the owner told me to, so I played with it. I am in love, and excited about completing some of the quilt tops I have ready for quilting.
I have spent the last two days working in the sewing room and I am pretty excited about the stuff I have made, for the next few months of Baby classes. I have the burp rag for the shoulder, the diaper stacker, and the bottle bag. I have the diaper bag started but not complete yet, and I am designing a changing pad to use too. When Aften came in from work today she saw the diaper stacker without the square bottom and said, "Oh, that looks like a garment bag, when you make mine will you make it look like a "____________"insert famous designers name. " I had not thought about that, but I love it so I will go for it and make one. I have other things in my head that need to be made. I just wish I could make them all, and maybe I will eventually.
Now for the other stuff I need to get done. Gonna work all weekend and talk to you all soon.

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Micki said...

Glad that you are feeling better, and that you still got to sew.