Monday, October 12, 2009

Computer Issues

Well, I have wanted to post some photos and to add a new post, but for what ever reason my computer is acting up. I am not able to log in to most websites. It has been so crazy that when I finally got the chance to borrow a computer it took me about three hours to check all of my emails and facebook and twitter. Wow I feel like I have not accomplished what I need to because of that. I will post pictures when I get my computer running again. So if I seem to not be posting that and the fair I am getting ready for may be the reason. I love some of the quilts I am making for the fair, and can't wait to share them with you all.
I love the comments I get from you, so please keep on posting.
Happy quilting


Anonymous said...

I am keen to see the quilts you are making when you get your computer issues sorted out. I sent you an email before I realised that your computer is causing problems. I guess you will get to read it eventually. Thinking of you.

Micki said...

Sorry that you are having computer problems. Hope that it all gets resolved soon!