Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In a Nut Shell

Well, I have to say that in a nut shell the entire line up of day time TV that I have been looking over is basically awful. I guess they started a new season because I was not bothered by the stuff I was watching up until this week. I think that some of the stations have been bought out by each other. Because that annoying thing of the same show on all day is happening on another of the stations I watch. That said, I will move on.
So I guess you can tell I have been sewing and I feel pretty good about this. I am going to complete the Birthday blocks today. I won't mail them until they are due but will have them complete. I feel so guilty because I have some that are way past due. One I thought was made and ready to mail, then she posted photos of the ones she had and I was mortified that mine would not match and would stand out like a sore thumb. Needless to say I have remade that one and she will get both. I guess either I got the instructions wrong or everyone else did. I am gonna guess it was me since all of the others matched.
Do you ever get the feeling that if you would just slow down you could get more done? I find that making mistakes takes so much time to fix that I almost would rather just cut out more fabric than try to un-sew it and fix it. It frustrates me.
Well, I promised photos the other day and I still have not gotten out the cables to up load them so maybe tomorrow.
Happy Quilting,

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Anonymous said...

You are sounding much more relaxed than the breathless posts of a month or so ago. Hope you are catching up with yourself and the migraines are easing for you. Nothing worse, especially when you think of the sewing you want to do and your eyes wont let you focus.