Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No Drama

Such a silly thing these titles but today was a no drama day and yet it was very exciting for me. I went out to the Cotton Cupboard (name of the new shop where I am working) and we had a group of ladies that meet on Wed. to quilt. I am not sure if they are called a guild or a Bee, but they met at the store today. They are a great bunch of ladies and I got to cut fabric for them while Jessica the owner talked to them and checked them out. It was a great day. Then we got in a new shipment of fabric so I started cutting fat quarters from it. Every day I get to go there I find new fabrics that have come in and it is so fun to see them. I turned in the block of the month that I have started designing for the store. I am excited about that too, it is not the first quilt I have designed but the first that will be sold in any form.
I got some new blocks for my birthday that I have not shown you yet and I am going to take the pictures of them along with the ones of the last two quilts I finished. I will be back with pictures in a day or two.
Quilt for fun.

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