Monday, July 13, 2009

Mans Clothes Two Completed

Well, I have finally completed two of the quilts made with the mans clothes, and I will show them to you today. The first one is of course the denim one which is not too fabulous. It is made from his jeans as well as his denim shirts that were thick and in good condition.

Then we have the one made from his Dockers and shorts all of the approximate same materials, in a couple of colors of yellow, white, khaki,blue, and the brown/green dark slacks. I looked long and hard for the pattern to make it . I really think it turned out wonderful and I used a nice Green backing to kind of blend the various colors. I used a Oak leaf, and acorn pattern to quilt it in since it is for a man. I should have the next top ready to quilt in a few days or maybe next week.


Micki said...

It is lovely, and you did a wonderful job!

Karen said...

Wonderful! Love the acorn and oak leaf pattern.