Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Word For The Year "Gratitude"

 I have seen in blogs, emails and just from friends, that many choose a word to live by for the year, and last year mine was "Challenge". I thought I might not have a word this year, even though I did pretty good with my word last year. You might remember I did some things I have not done before or that I am just really bad at. I felt good about those things, but  in the long run I often felt like I was putting so much into improving me I was forgetting others. That is why I chose to do the pay it forward thing with the blog. I am sad only one has taken me up on the offer, and only 2 have taken me up on it on Facebook, so I am glad I chose to add my own list as well. That was all said to tell you,' I feel like gratitude is such an important part of a good attitude. Therefore I will try to add at least one blog a month this year to tell you how grateful I am about some part of my life, my quilting, or my family. "
  Today, I want to tell you about my stash, and the many wonderful fabrics I have there, that I did not purchase. You see, over the years, my friends and family have seen me making quilts and bags and other little and big things to give away, or sell. So when they find they have fabric they want to get out of their house they offer it to me. I in turn have offered the fabrics I don't want to others for the things they make. So I have lots of not only small pieces of fabric, but large ones too. I have plans for some and others I just know I can find  a way to use them, so I am grateful for the choices I have when I get out fabrics to make a gift or project and don't have to go to the store and buy. I am so grateful for the friends I have who think of me when they have fabrics to get rid of. I am grateful to the strangers who heard about me from a friend and gave me their fabrics they wanted to get out of their house.
So until I get back to you, thanks to my friends, family, and strangers, and yall have a very quilty week.

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joyofquilting said...

Tennye, I think your pay it forward is a lovely idea, maybe people just didn't want to seem greedy and that's why they didn't comment, I know I felt a bit shy . I try to read your blog each week as I love seeing how you overcome the curved balls life throws you.I have started hand piecing a scrap quilt called farmers wife sampler on the train going to work each day. Your tips on organizing scraps last year made it possible to start this, maybe you could hand piece a sampler from some of the CQ block patterns while you're visiting and waiting at the hospital (The FWS pieces are very tiny and fiddly). Take care of yourself.