Friday, July 29, 2011

What a Week

 Well, I have had some kind of a week. I told you I was dealing with a summer cold, and it has not been as bad as I thought it would be. I have been weak, not as bad as I have been in the past when I got a summer cold. Yea!!! Nice to be getting over it all though and feeling more like myself. I have been in the sewing room the last two days, and gotten a pretty good start on the quilt I am working on. This is another one of those ones I am making from a mans clothes who has died. I worked for this man's wife when I had a desk job and after he died she cut the legs of hubby"s pants off and saved the legs.Their son got the pants for shorts and the legs were put aside.  I guess time had passed enough she decided to do something with them and called me. I looked around for a while for a pattern to use that might not take too much of any one color of fabric. Kind of a fat quarter friendly quilt. I hope to be able to make two twin size quilts. These colors are all solid and , you know the typical men's slacks colors, green, brown, black, white and neutral. I will take some photos of the blocks tomorrow and post the ones that are finished. I pulled some black and white prints from my stash to give the blocks a little pop.
  My girls go out with their girlfriends every week for girls night. On occasion they invite me and one of the other girls mom to join them. Last night was one of those nights. One of the local chain Mexican restaurants does dinners once in a while that are sponsored by a Liqueur of some sort. Last night was one of those and it was sponsored by a Tequila company. We had a four course meal, with a seared Tuna appetizer, a fruit salad, beef and shrimp skewers, served with potatoes, and a spinach cheese dish, for dessert it was a wonderful vanilla Flan. I have never had a Flan that tasted as good as that one did. They served a different mixed drink made with the tequila that was sponsoring the meal. Well, I was the only one who had not been to one of these dinners before and I did not get the pace yourself with the drinks thing, that the others seem to get. I do not drink the hard stuff very often and needless to say I had to work hard to not act as inebriated as I was feeling. The girls helped with that by all wanting to go to the mall after dinner and do some shopping. So I got to walk off the effects before I got home. I did go straight to bed though when I got home. If I get to go to another one, I will do a better job of pacing myself with the drinks. lol I have to tell you though that Flan was incredible and I could not stop thinking about it this morning. Most of the Flan I have had just tasted like sweet eggs, and not like this amazing vanilla custard that we had last night. I sure wish I could find out what recipe they made it with. Not that I need any more ways of getting carb.s in my body. I am trying to learn to eat better, and I guess that is why I am talking about food so much today. Sorry
  Well, it is Fri. night and my girls have gone to the grocery store and when the get home we are going to watch a movie. I will go for now and I do hope you all have a very quilty weekend.

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