Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday, UFO Challenge

  Good evening friends, well as you all know, I was not in town the first of the month and I just thought to go see what UFO I was supposed to be working on this month. It is not like I have accomplished even one finish so far, and that is a sad thought to me. I have finished several quilts just not the ones I was supposed to have done. I did get the fabric to complete the Brown and Pink one. I took almost a month to find the unfinished blocks and then when I found them, Yea, they were finished.  I just got stopped by the only one that is still not complete. It is not even a hard block it is just cut wrong and I have a block about trying to fix it. Do I remake it, do I add to the pieces that are already cut and sewn, or do I just make it like it is and add a boarded to it??? So many ideas and questions and no motivation to answer them and move on. I guess that is the reason my UFO's are still UFO's. I have lost touch with all my quilting friends in the area, or I would see if any of them would like to do a swap and see if we could find motivation to work on someone elses stuff. I wrinkle my nose as I think of that, because I think it is the best and worst idea ever. Best because there is a certain amount of pressure to do what you have that is not yours. The worst because I get confused when I pick up my own stuff that has been sitting for a while. Imagine how confused I would get with something I didn't start. Kind of makes me want to laugh, in a creepy crazy way. Enough of that, I will get busy on one of them I think. I just always have to try and make money. That is a big deterrent to doing what I want to. Then again it is also part of what keeps me always thinking and planning and designing in my head.
  Well, I have been trying to get in shape and feel better and lose some weight. That means I have been working out, and as seems to have happened every time I have done this. After about 12 to 14 days I find myself sick, not sick of doing the work outs, literally sick. About mid day yesterday I noticed I was freezing and coughing my head off. Yep, I had a fever. I went to bed early last night and took some aleve and my vitamins. I slept like a rock. When I got up this am I started coughing worse than I did yesterday. The hubby and daughter had ideas when they came in at lunch time. Go out side and do my yoga in the sun. ( we are in a heat wave) Then come in and drink some water and take a hot shower. Now I am feeling like I need to have a stiff hot toddy and my bed, but most likely I will find some Nyquil . Everyone seems to think I will feel better tomorrow for what I did today. I hope they are right because if they aren't when I do feel better I am gonna kill them. Just kidding but as I cough through my laugh I wish my head didn't hurt. Have a a very quilty week, until I check in again.

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Linda said...

Summer colds are horrible! I hope you feel better very soon! Relax and enjoy have an excuse to do nothing for a while.