Saturday, March 26, 2011

UFO Challenge mistake

Well, I apparently looked at the post and didn't notice the number was at the bottom and not the one in the top . Okay so this is not making any since. I thought the March number was 1 and now I see this months post for April and realized it was at the bottom of the counter that I should have been looking. This month, well April the UFO to use is 2, and March was supposed to be 4.  Not that I got to it in the first place, but I have been working hard on the two I was supposed to complete for Jan. and Feb. That is when I have been in the sewing room this last two weeks. I hate feeling like this and I am so happy that I have gotten better, even though I am not what I would call good yet.
I started working out this week, and even though I am still not consistent with it I have at least gotten back to it. I feel better and have more energy, to do the things I should as well as the things I want to.
Well, what are you challenging yourself with lately? I get excited when I check out so many blogs and see what others are doing. I think wow I want to do that, but I don't know if I can. Hmmmm I think I can do anything they can so I am going to start doing just that. I love how so many have these consistent little things they do. Even if it is the only thing they post for a month or more. They always post that one day. Fearless Friday, Wordless Wed., Made for you Mon. Tue. trials. I see them and think I should do that, then I say in my head," you know you won't do it every week." I want to change, I want to be different, I want new in my life. I want to post without whining. I want to be exciting and fun and interesting. That Man Quilts always has a new story about his daughter, or his yard, or .... Did I mention I sat out in the front yard for hours last weekend and watched the cute little boy ( well 15 or 16) from across the street work in my front yard and clean out my flower beds. I read a book, that I was not really interested in, until almost the end, and I felt alive for the first time in months. LOL Okay so I didn't just watch him work, before he got here I raked like six or seven bags of leaves up, we have Red Oaks and the hold their leaves until the spring when they start putting on new ones, so we have to do our raking in the spring not the fall. I need to go out in the back yard today and do the same thing, but guess what I won't, I am headed to the sewing room when I get off here.
I had some computer problems the first of the week, and I though I had them fixed until last night, when it seemed to freeze up on me. So I got on today and started cleaning it again. I used a different cleaner this time than I did last time, so maybe it will be fixed this time. The sad thing is I got it from a website that I have been going to at least once a month for over a year. I sent the owner a email telling her it had happened, and no one read it they just sent me a form email saying I could change my email choices by clicking on this link. Sad that no one even seemed to have read the email I sent.
Well, hope you have a wonderfully quilty weekend.

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Linda said...

Good for you for always striving to be the best you can be! I feel the same way. I see what others are doing and I think, "Wow, how did they get to this point?" Sometimes it seems like you work and work and don't see any results. Then all of a sudden, you have a flurry of validating events before falling back into a slower rhythm again.

Keep up the good work. And if you want to feel better, make some little something to give to a friend this week. That always make you feel good.