Monday, March 14, 2011

Bag, Bags I Made Some Bags

 Hi, all I had a busy week last week. Knowing I was going to a seminar this weekend I thought it would be nice to have a healthy sized bag  to carry my books and lunch and snacks for the event. I have had two  of these large bags cut and ready to sew for weeks now, so I got one out and put it together. Then I just kind of went crazy and made little bags to go with it.
So let me show you the set and then each one.

I know most of you know I am kind of partial to purple so there is a theme for the bags. LOL
The long thin bag was made using fabrics my cousin bought while I was in Ft Worth visiting my Aunt and helping her learn how to use her new sewing machine. My Aunt was not up to much as she was still recovering from major surgery so my cousin and I played with the new machine and she learned a lot from making a bag just like this one.
  I have made several of these and given all but one away, so I think I will keep this one, I really like the colors on it and I am even kind of proud of the quilting. 
  So on to the others, I have been trying for several years to make a Kleenex holder for the little pocket size pkg.s. I think I talked about it last time, but in case I didn't let me tell you I have made five or six and not one of them would hold the pkg the way I wanted them to. Yes, I did make one that was big enough, but really it was too big and just looked sloppy to me. Others have been too small, or way too small, or just plain not what I thought they should be. I made the cutest fabric box while trying this time, but forgot to get it out so I could put it in the pictures. Not sure what I will do with it, but I will figure it out. I won't put Kleenex in it that is for sure.
  Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy that is what happens when you crop it out of another picture. I am kind of upset over that, I didn't intend to delete the original picture, so I saved it before I started cropping. Guess what I lost it anyway. Oh well ,I still have all the bags and can take another one if I need it. I just planned to crop out the other one and show it as well, now I guess I need to learn what I did wrong so I don't do it again. I have learned so much about how to use my computer and the internet since I started this blog. If you use this stuff you really end up figuring it out or quitting and that was not part of my plan. The plan was so different to what it has turned out to be.

So here are the pictures of the big bag , I wish I had made the strap longer, but hey I still have another one cut out so I will make the adjustments to it when I make it. I did take the time to sew up the piecing on that one while I was at the machine last week, but I don't have enough fusible batting to make it so I will need to get out the fusible web and do it that way.

I know it is not easy to see, but at the top left of the bag as you look at it you might see the little pocket I added that is just the right size for my blackberry. I only have the center of the sides tied together in these pictures, but you can tie it all together so it looks like the sides are pleated in. 
I really enjoyed making the bags and I loved using them for my event. This is the one I made that I have made so many of  and I  have shown most of them to you here, but this is the  one, LOL the first one I have made for me and plan to keep. 
 The one in the center is the one I am talking about. I did figure out what I did wrong last time and was able to crop this out of the first picture I posted. Yea!!!!
Well, I guess it is time for me to get on to the next thing for today. I was going to watch some TV and relax, but my daughter is recording and has asked for the house to be quiet while she does it. I don't need the TV on while I do what I need to so I agreed to turn it off. I was supposed to be at Bible study tonight but it is Spring Break for the local schools so they canceled, only I didn't get the email until I got there. Not a problem I just worked on the next lesson in the classroom and had some nice quiet time to do it.
Yall have a quilty week and I will talk to you soon.

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Deborah said...

Love the colour choices in your bags - and love the way your daughter is "inspiring you" you to be even more productive