Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Again

Good evening to you all. I have had a hard day today. My youngest daughter and her new husband have been here for a visit since early Fri. morning and today they left to go back home. I wanted to spend the day in the sewing room today, but I was crying so often I thought it would be better not to. So tomorrow I will get up early and put the last load of linens in the dryer an off the the machine I will go.
I burned my had pretty badly the first of last week and I had a very greasy goo on it. There fore I chose not to try and work with fabric. I have found all the patterns for the UFO I am working on this month. I may have to buy some fabric to make those missing blocks, and the colors of the fabrics are not going to be terribly easy to find. I will find them though I am sure. When I do I will take many photos and post them. I am looking forward to the finished project.
I keep saying it will be done soon, but this time it really will. The lizard quilt will be finished very soon. I will be back as soon as I can. Until then have a very quilty week.

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