Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quilt As You Go

Well, I decided to give this class to you for a short time. I will be posting each lesson for you. At the end of the month in which I post the last class, I will delete these posts. I want to offer it for sale at that point in a PDF format, that is if I can do that without having to buy the Adobe software. LOL This is the introduction. Enjoy and have a quilty day.

Welcome, I love this process and have been using it for many years. It seems that some would think it was developed as a way of quilting on the sewing machine, however, that is not the case. You see our fore Mothers had as much need for this method as we do. When traveling across the country in a covered wagon it was impossible to use the traditional quilt frame that took up the entire living room of a house, which in those days was often the only room of the house. In order to have adequate bedding many women would piece and quilt on the way to the new home at the end of the wagon trail. Sometimes a mother would send with her beloved daughter the squares she had made and give her a quick lesson in quilting before the wagon train left. Knowing that it might be the last time she would ever see her child. She would want there to be something to remember her by and what better thing than a quilt for the family bed.
There are many different methods of this process and I hope to cover as many as we can in the limitations of one wall hanging. I have three books on this subject and have read all of them from cover to cover. I had been quilting for about six years when I became intrigued by the idea of doing my own quilting on the machine. Or even better being able to hand quilt on a bed size quilt while I was traveling or waiting for guitar lessons to be over. Even in the Dr.’s office while waiting for the Dr. or while waiting for a child to have a dental procedure done. It just seemed to me that the potential was limitless for accomplishing a finished quilt without being tied to the house and the sewing room. If you are as excited as I am then we should get started.

Fabric requirements:
Cat fabric- four fat quarters (I chose colors of the cats in my life, you can choose what ever you like or all the same color)
Backgroud-1 yard
Backing -1 ½ yard
Batting – crib size or large scraps

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