Friday, January 28, 2011

Just to let you know

Well, it has appeared that I am not posting, and for all intents and purposes I guess I have not. However, I have two posts in the qua for future posts. I have been asked to do a special post on the first and I have it written and ready to just hit the Publish post button. In the mean time I would like to say that I know I started a set of classes and I have not finished writing them so I have not posted the actual first class. I am working on them though and as soon as the second class is completed I will post class one. I hope you will enjoy the classes. I enjoyed the process of making the quilt when I made it last year.
I have to say I am really having fun with the idea of getting our scraps under control. I have made a few things and I have some others in my head, and I am even starting to draw them off so I can make them. I truly think all of you will have so much fun when I start showing you the things I am making.
So until the time comes, have a quilty weekend,

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Mommarock said...

Good to hear from you again Tennye! I'm glad that you are drawing again, I love to see what you are making. You make some very wonderful things. Looking forward to your next post :)