Saturday, June 19, 2010

Home for a week

Well, actually I won't be home for a complete week, I leave Thur. evening for Dallas and a three day conference. I made these plans before I found out the kids were moving to TN. so I didn't know I would be gone for so many days this month. I left on Tue. to go to College Station and help Brena and Justin move. Brena was still working so Justin and I packed for two days without her. Then on Wed. evening my husband came and joined us. At that point we really thought we had a handle on everything. We did not! Thurs morning we got up and headed out for breakfast and to pick up the truck. When we got to the rental place they did not have the truck and we had to wait for it. Later we discovered it was reserved for the wrong date, we are not sure who made that mistake ,Justin when he called, or them when they entered it. No mater it happened. Lucky for us a truck that was two days late came in while we were there waiting. She did the inspection for them and then for us and we were finally off to get started loading it. A friend of theirs, who was supposed to have already made his move to Michigan, was still in town waiting for closing to happen so he came to help us. His wife was in school all day and not available to help until later, I thought no problem we will be done by then. NOT  I had such high hopes and big expectations and I got them dashed to the ground. We started the loading process about 11 am and we stopped and took a lunch break about 2. We had to have a sit down break around 5 so we went to the local Applebee's for a good dinner. We left them at midnight to go home. The duplex is rented, the trampoline sold, and we had cleaned the whole place. All they had to do in the morning was get the food out of the fridg. and load the animals. My husband and I got home about 2:30 am, and had to get a bath and get clean before we could even think of sleeping. Needless to say it was after 3 before  we got to bed and then I was in so much pain I could not sleep. Brena and I didn't cry all day, like I was afraid we would but the goodbyes were very hard, and still thinking about it makes me tear up. I got a text at 1:30 am today saying" we are here don't call, I am going to bed".Then I got another one from Justin, "We just had a big mess and I got to give Hailee a bath." Hailee is the cat. I will find out today or tomorrow what that is about, I hate to think, but the cat gets car sick.
So today my other daughter who has been living in VA and her family and cat, and two dogs start their trip to TX. It looks like the route they are taking will take them very close to Chattanooga, TN so they are going to go out of the way to stop and visit Brena and Justin. (This is the daughter who I put up for adoption) This will be the first time for Aunt Brena to meet her nieces, and she is so excited about it. Emily and her family have no plan to hurry , so they will be stopping many places along the way, to visit tourist attractions, family and friends. They have about two weeks to get to El Paso and report in. That is unless Emily gets word that she has a job waiting for her. Then she will fly on and let the family come at their own pace. When I say fly I mean she will take her car and just go, instead of doing all the stopping and visiting the family will do. They have plans to come here, but I may be in Dallas when they get here depending on how their time goes.
Well, I know today had nothing to do with quilting and I am sorry for that I am working on  my hand quilting project and I have sewing camp coming up this week. We will be making PJ bottoms and a tank top. I think the kids will have fun on the projects and I will too. I have sewing class for my then the next mon. When am I ever going to get my stuff made for the Christmas Bazaar??? I guess the UFO's will have to go on the back burner until that is done.
Have a quilty week and thanks for your well wishes for my children.

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