Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Big News in My Family

Sat. I got a call from my youngest and she and her husband will be moving to Chattanooga, TN before the month is over. She was just here last week ,and asked me to make her friend a bag ,like I made her last year. She also brought me a bag of T-shirts to use for a quilt . So I guess I will be busy making bags and teaching the classes I have this week.Then I will have to make a trip to College Station and help her pack the house up. They have to sub-lease the duplex they are living in, because the management company, won't let them out of the lease. It looks like that won't be very hard, since they already have some people who are in the same position they are. Now we just have to figure out how to move the cat and the rabbit. Cat hates to ride in the car and who knows what will be up with the rabbit. LOL
Well, Sat. I had four little girls in my beginning sewing class. It was a good class, and now I am working on the summer camps I have planned for the summer. These are three day camps every other week until the second week of Aug. They are making bags, dresses, PJ pants, skirts, and tops. This week is a bag and a swim suit cover up. I have a third grader, and sixth grader. We got the bag almost finished today. The girls are having fun and learning alot.
I need to get back to quilting while I can so I am off for today and if you don't hear from me before the end of next week it is because I am busy packing with the kids. You have a quilty time and do something fun this week.


creativedawn said...

okay, just so you know ... hope the move is swift and without chaos!!! lol! A cat and a rabbit traveling along in a car! Wheww!
quilty hugz, Pam

Micki said...

Hope the move goes well..You are going to be a busy lady!