Monday, December 14, 2009

Decoraing done and working again.

Well, we got the house decorated and I am getting back to work on the quilts I need to do. I am almost finished with one and will start on the next one soon. I am pretty excited about it. I will take some photos of the quilt tomorrow and post them soon. In the mean time I will also post the pictures today about the trees and my little village.

My youngest daughter came home to help with the decorating of the trees and the house. Aften the middle one was baby sitting for a friend for the weekend so we had the cutest kids here to help. There are pictures of them as well with Aislynn and Brena. I have been trying to write the family letter for our Christmas cards and for some reason I find it hard to write. I am even finding this hard to write, so I will add the pictures and stop for tonight.
Have a Quilty Christmas,


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Micki said...

I love your tree...very festive indeed!